Social events and portraits

The concept of social events photography consists of a wide range of social events. For example, you can take photography of corporate events, conferences and parties, weddings, music events and concerts, etc. Photography of social events is a part of reportage photography genre, which aims to convey to the viewer specific happenings.

My reportage photography is focused primarily on the final composition of the moment There is often no ideal light and time conditions during shooting. That is why I often do not care about the technical quality of the photo itself, but I primary care about the final result and composition.

Reportage photography is often accompanied by portraits of people. For this reason, I have included portraits of people in the gallery as part of reportage photography. Portraits and photography of people do not necessarily arise in interiors. Modern and interesting portraits can also be shot in exteriors under the natural light, such as in nature, in the park, in the café or in the castle. Business portraits, which combine formal elements with informal ones, are very popular at these days.