Travel Photography

Traveling photography, sometimes also referred to as tourist or outdoor photography, is a complex concept. As part of my travels, I focus mainly on landscape and nature photography. Traveling can not be done without visiting cities and populated places. Therefore, to a lesser extent of travel photography, I am interested in architecture photography and urban life photography (so-called urban photo or street photo).

During taking landscape and nature photography I try to capture the natural environment at a given moment. In the landscape photography I am fascinated by the endless photographic possibilities of these places. For the above reason, I like to return to the same places in different weather conditions or seasons when the transformation of the environment is most striking. When taking architecture and urban life photography, I primarily focus on places that reflect local history, customs, and mood.

Personally I perceive travel photography as a part of reportage photography. The main objective is to record and describe the place with interesting composition, colors and light, as it really is!